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About Praga Arena

  • Praga Arena = the ultimate driver’s experience!

  • Praga Arena = the largest and most modern go-cart arena in Czech Republic!

  • Praga Arena = the maximum for all real racing drivers!

We’ve opened a unique new go-cart arena in Horní Počernice in Prague, which is one of the most modern go-cart arenas in Czech Republic. With us you can become a real racing driver!

In order to ensure your driving experience is unforgettable, of maximum importance to us is safety, professional support and supervision of the circuit. For your upmost comfort we’ve prepared a restaurant serving grilled specialties and various drinks amongst others.

Facts and figures about Praga Arena

  • Praga arena covers an area of 17000 m2.

  • There are 26 go-carts available, of which 14 are standard, 6 are race versions and 6 are for kids.

  • Praga Restaurant has a capacity of 160 guests as well as a further 80 on the outdoor terrace.

  • Our modern hall is equipped with LCD screens and projectors.

  • The hall is heated to a stable temperature.

  • Corporate events can be great fun with us.

  • 4 circuits surfaced with racing tarmac averaging 650 metres in length and 7 metres in width, variable barriers, maximum safety, electronic timing.

  • Next to the arena we have a large-capacity car-park.

  • During 2013 we will be preparing for you outdoor driving.

We look forward to your visit!

+420 777 499 999info on operation

+420 739 511 045restaurant

+420 606 072 968Orders corporate events

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Jiřího ze Vtelna 1731
193 00 Praha 9 - Horní Počernice