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Emerson Fitipaldi in Praga Arena

The F1 legend is shooting Magnusk's film here

One of the best racers of all time and the legend of motorsport has his own private program in Prague most of the time he spends here. And we could be at least partially involved. It is probably no coincidence that Emerson's first steps, together with his thirteen-year-old son Em, led to the Go-Kart Arena in Prague. Emo, just like Dad racing, has already achieved a number of world-class successes in go-karts. "When Tonda Charouz told me that Mr. Fittipaldi was coming, I took it as one of his favorite jokes. When he showed up, I couldn't believe my eyes. All the more so when he and his family spent much of the day here. It really is one of my life experiences, "praised Luboš Tenkl, visibly moved, who owns and operates the go-kart arena in Horní Počernice.

And while Emerson and Emo measured their strength on the track, with the wife of the famous racer and Dominika Myslivcová (Dominika will be Emerson's acting colleague in the mentioned film), we went to Kristianna's boutique of Czech-Armenian fashion designer Kristina Oganesian just a short walk from Pařížská Street. Of course, Fittipaldi's eight-year-old daughter Vittoria also received a small gift. "I would never have believed that someone as famous as Emerson Fittipaldi's wife would choose a model for me. I totally knocked out of it. ”And then back to the Prague Arena for something good to eat in the famous restaurant there. Emerson and Emo, meanwhile, have lost track of time. "We had a great ride, they have a perfect time. That I've seen a lot of go-kart tracks a lot, but this one is really one of the best, "Emerson smiled.

On Monday, the holder of two titles from the Indianapolis 500 will take up his work duties when he arrives at the Praga arena again to complete filming and then a press conference for the film Old Age is Not for Srabs. And who knows, maybe one of the actors will challenge him to a few circuits. To compete with this famous racer, it doesn't happen every day ...

Emerson Fittipaldi on the shooting of Magnusk's film:
I had a tailor-made role!

"Old age is not for sraby" is the title of a new film by director Tomáš Magnusek, which will hit cinemas in the spring of next year. Martin Dejdar, Jiří Krampol, Jan Přeučil, Tomáš Matonoha, Natálie Grossová, Dominika Myslivcová and others will appear in a comedy full of stars. As Magnusek himself revealed, it is for all ages and everyone will find something for themselves there.

In addition to Czech personalities, however, a foreign star will appear in the film, not just any star. At the invitation of Antonín Charouz and his team Charouz Racing System, one of the most famous F1 riders Emerson Fittipaldi took on the role in the film. The two-time world champion from 1972 and 1974 played for the first time, but he was not nervous: "The role was tailor-made for me, I played myself," he joked after the filming of Fittipaldi.

"I can only say in English that I'm hungry, so I didn't talk to Mr. Fittipaldi much," laughed director Tomáš Magnusek at the press conference, but he said he enjoyed the filming and was surprised at how quickly he managed: "You can see that Mr. Fittipaldi is used to cameras during interviews. Everything has got wet and I have no choice but to thank Mr. Charouz once again for this opportunity. For the whole staff, this meeting was an experience, "added Magnusek. In addition, the legendary racer is still incredibly vital. He either stood in front of the camera all day or answered questions from journalists.

However, filming was not the only point of the program. While the adults were "on the field", Emerson Fittiapaldi's children challenged their peers present to the go-kart race at the Praga Arena. Ten-year-old Vittoria was the only racing girl to finish fourth, and thirteen-year-old Emmo, who is planning to start in F4 races soon, won as expected. Emerson Fittipaldi himself presented the prizes to the small winners, ending a three-day visit to Prague, which was certainly not the last.





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